The Wake by The Bathonaut

The Wake

Whats up everyone, I've been super busy recently working on a lot of projects. Finally one of them is done! This video was a blast to shoot, and the music aint to bad either. I also thought it would be fun to share some info on the shoot and how we did it!

The Setup

To start off we knew that we were going to be shooting in some low light, and so the obvious choice was the amazing Sony A7s recording onto a Atomos Shogun. We used The A7 mainly on a hand held rig (operated by Skyler Sorenson @skylersorenson on Instagram), and used it for a lot of static, mid, and close up shots. We also had a Sony FS100 on a steadicam rig (operated by Ryan Hannah @steadyguyry on Instagram) so we could fly it around back and forth in front of the band. We did also fly the A7s on a jib to get some cool overhead shots of the drummer, and drums.

As far as the lighting setup goes, we had vertical LED lights on rock and roll trusses behind the band for a concert type of feel, as well as  some LED PAR cans on the floor to add a little depth, and to use as back lighting for the band. In front of the band we used two sets of Kino 4 banks as key and fills on the band. 

We also set up a laser system that ran during the song, and added that cool opening triangle at the beginning of the song.

We added a ton of fog on set to diffuse the light and to create that "concert" feel to the overall video.

Below you'll find some behind the scenes videos and pictures of the shoot. Don't forget to check out the full video, and go follow The Bathonaut on Facebook and Instagram! 


Download the song here:

Behind the Scenes